CatClamp Catalytic Converter Lock System

Key Features of Cat Clamp
Standard and Maxx Universal Kits

  • Proven success for over 7 years.
  • Universal design, one size fits most. No custom tools are needed for installation.
  • Open cage design allows heat to dissapate normally from converter
  • Installation of the CatClamp may qualify your auto insurance policy for a discount, check with your auto insurance company for details.

Click play on the above video to view a demonstration on how the Maxx Universal Security Kit is installed. This is only a reference demonstration

Sold Secure ProductCatClamp Maxx Model is
a Sold Secure Gold Standard
approved product.

The Best Catalytic Converter & Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Security System
Available for Theft Prevention.

The CatClamp® was invented to prevent thieves from stealing your catalytic converter. It's exclusive, award winning, patented cable cage design surrounds the catalytic converter with aircraft grade wire rope that is very difficult to cut, even with power tools. The same wire rope locks the converter to the chassis of the vehicle up to seven times, creating too much work
for a thief in a hurry and forcing them to seek out an easier target.CatClamp attaches to the exhaust pipes, not the converter allowing all size and shape converters to be protected and eliminating the risk of damaging the converter, heat shield and or oxygen sensors.